How can I decrease the swelling and pain of an abscess in my cheek?

(I am on antibiotics and prescripion pain pills and have a dentist appointment for next week (The earliest they could get me in), but my cheek is still badly swollen and I am still in pain)

Answer #1

I wud chew on ice, or put ice on the outside of ur cheek

Answer #2

Or just suck on the ice instead of chewing it

Answer #3

Hmmm, usually hey lance (cut open) an abscess when it’s on your body, it’s probably to dangerous to do that in this case. All I can suggest is an ice pack.

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If it is a puss pocket it is actually safe to bust just don’t swollow the poison, have a glass of salt water to swish in ur mouth after u bust it, and it doesn’t taste good when u bust it

Answer #6

Thanks. I’ve been doing the ice thing. It helps a bit, but not much.

Answer #7

Thanks. Yes, the dentist will drain it when I finally get to see him. I considered doing it myself, but I’m pretty wimpy and it really hurts if I touch it let alone pop it. I’ve been doing a sea salt mouth rinse to help keep down any infection.

Answer #8

If u can c inside ur mouth and c something that looks like a pimple, u cud bust it, but have the salt water ready, bustin it will relieve some preasure and pain ur experianceing, I know it hurts bad, I had one of the twice, so good luck and I hope u feel better soon :-)

Answer #9

Try not to drink hots drinks like tea or coffee. I had a painful one in the past and it can make it even more painful.

Answer #10

sea salt should help prevent infection…but your probably doing everything you can…just try to keep your mind off of it…i had an abscess in my tooth in 2009 and i was crying for hurt so bad!Then the dentist drained it and i got root canal..but obviously you don’t need root canal since it is on your cheek.

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Ur welcome

Answer #13

I used tea tree oil, you just soak a cottonball with it and put it in your cheek, it worked for me and it’s all natural, however it is very disgsting, and will probably make you gag,

Answer #14

You could also use Oil of Oregano. “P27” from Italy. Get it at your local health food store or vitamin store. It’s pure organic oregano in olive oil from Italy. Did you know if you use Oil of Oregano after brushing your teeth you would never have to see a dentist again. Take 3 to 5 drops under the tung, let your saliva build up and then let your tung spread it all over your teeth for 15 to 30 seconds. Google it. The reports are fascinating to what it does. Got this information from a friend of mine who’s father is a dentist. This also may help the abscess in your cheek, because oregano is one of natures best antibiotics. Such as fungus under the toenails. You’ve seen people with discolored toenails, right. Just one drop under the toenail everyday for two weeks, BAM, no fungus toenails again. In six months the toenail is perfect, beautiful and clear as before. People who don’t know this go to the doctor, get a prescription that takes six months to disappear. The prescription cost mucho dollars when all one has to do is buy a little bottle of Oil of Oregano for under $29 and has it handled in 2 weeks. Plus, who knows what side effects the prescription gives one, the oregano has none. It’s all natural.

Answer #15

Thanks much! I use a fair amount of natural remedies ( I always try them before heading to the Dr.), but have never tried Oil of Oregano. I will definitely get some.

Answer #16

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