Wisdom tooth pain!

I was diagnosed with an infection in my growing wisdom tooth, its just a pin prick at the moment!. I was given antibiotics and am on nurofen for the pain. My cheek has swollen so much I can hardly talk or open my mouth. Anyone got any natural cures to also aide with taking down the swelling and pain?? Xx

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If you have a fever go to the hospital. Oral infections are NOTHING to mess around with. If the infection gets worse, don't put it off, ok? Make sure you get evaluated by a doctor if you don't think your dentist is taking you seriously. I hope you feel better soon!

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A heating pad/hot water bottle (make sure it's not too hot) put it on the side where it's swollen. (It helps for some people)

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Some things you can try at home to help ease the pain and swelling are salt water rinses and cloves. Mix 8 ounce of water with 2 teaspoons of salt and rinse your mouth every couple of hours. Also, you can apply a piece of clove to the wisdom tooth or dip a cotton ball into clove oil and apply that for a couple of minutes.

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