Do deaths come in 3's?

Just curious

Answer #1

What does 3s mean, exactly?

Answer #2

i think she means that one bit where people believe when one person dies then two other people are going to die soon after

Answer #3

3 persons

Answer #4

Oh! Okay, then not exactly. People just die when they die, it has nothing to do with other peoples deaths unless they caused it themselves.

Answer #5

I think it really depends on if the person is superstitous. People see things and put together things, but it could just be ironic that way

Answer #6

Or it could just be a coincidence in other words.

Answer #7

I’ve seen that it does.

Answer #8

not all the time, but i guess people take notice enough when it does happen 3 times that they start having that saying

Answer #9

yess i think they do

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