Death's Victory

Death murmurs in my ear The sweet sounds of victory, There is no fear, No fear For the final day has come.

Answer #1

=[ why such a sad poem >?

( but it is very true people should think like that when it comes to death )

Answer #2

ohkay, obviusly you DONT get my poem, its about the final day, it says nothing about god, it says nothing about choosing your time of death, its just saying that in that moment before you die you will not be afraid. geesh.

Answer #3

its not meant for you to be sad, think about it, when your about to die do you think you will be afraid of the moment?

Answer #4

Huh? I just want a peanut!!! :( Why do you have to make me sad?!

Answer #5

It’s ok, They’re just trolling you. I like the point about will you feel peace in the end knowing it is the end. ^.^

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