Does death come in threes?

I have always heard that “Death comes in Threes”.

The power of three is very evident all through the Bible and life.

I just lost my MIL (loved her much) but I was wondering?

What do you all think. “Does Death come in 3s?

Answer #1

its not just bad things or deaths that happen in three …the saying is actually … Things always happen in threes… becuase three is a spiritual number

Answer #2

For Sue90: According to Wikipedia: Three on a Match is a supposed superstition among soldiers during the First World War. The superstition goes that if three soldiers lit their cigarettes from the same match, one of the three would be killed. Since then it has been considered bad luck for three people to share a light from the same match. The idea was that when the first soldier lit his cigarette the enemy would see the light, when the second soldier lit his cigarette the enemy would take aim, and when the third soldier lit his cigarette the enemy would fire. There was in fact no such superstition during the First World War. The superstition was invented about a decade later by the Swedish match tycoon Ivar Kreuger in an attempt to get people to use more match.

Answer #3

I’m sorry who all passed away?

My nephew is having a serious surgery Monday and he is the one that stay with my MIL all the time. I am really worried about him.

Answer #4

I was wondering also b/c recently my because and my uncle had passed away and thet passed away it happened 2 months and 21 days apart from each other.

Answer #5

Dear magichalo1, No, there is an old adage that says bad things happen in 3s. This came from the first world war. When the men would light their cigarettes they knew not to use 3 on a match because the enemy could pin point them and shoot them from the light of the match being lit so long. Sue…good luck

Answer #6

Ok, I’ll give this a shot. You said in your question about 3’s that,”The power of three is very evident all through the Bible…” Did you know that over 365 times in the Bible God has told us to fear not. That is what you have been feeling. Don’t allow it in. Your nephew going in for surgery was no doubt tough and I lift him up in prayer. If I may offer some Christly word to you. Faith is knowing God and that he will cover you (Psalms 91). Fear on the other hand is a form of worship of the devil. Please don’t go there my friend. I hope that is helpful.

Answer #7

I beleive they do… in feb of 2008 I lost my aunt by marriage , in august 2008 I lost my uncle who is family on my husbands side which was her husband .. 1 week later and exzactly 1 week , my aunt mentioned above ,her daughter just lost her husband 1 week later from my uncle mentioned above. (theres the three) from feb to august .. within 6 mos . 3 family members

Answer #8

Thank you everyone for your answers. As it turned out we did not fortunately, lose in threes. The reason I was afraid. Is the second year my husband and I were married. A man that was closer to my children and I than a father. Dropped dead of a heart attack the day after leaving our house. Exactly 1 week later to the day, my husbands brother dropped dead of a heart attack (48 years old) and the day of my husband’s brother’s funeral, my husband and I were taking a walk after the funeral, pulling ourselves together. Our little dog ran back to the house (we lived in the country) when we got to the house he was dead. Someone had hit him with a car.

So because of that terrible year. When my MIL passed away I was worried that we would have another occurrence, fortunately we didn’t.

Thank you for all your well thought out answers

Answer #9

well I tell you what I have a huge family and yes its true when people died in my family they always die in three. so that is trur

Answer #10

No, it’s just an old wives’ tale.

Answer #11

old wives tale. just to freak people out.

Answer #12

The idea that things happen in threes is nothing but an old wife’s tale. You shouldn’t worry that there will be more deaths in your family.

While it may seem like things happen in threes, it is nothing more than a coincidence. We have a tendency to look for the second and third when one bad thing happens. If we don’t look for it than nothing happens.

There is no true scientific evidence or biblical evidence that shows that things always happen in threes.

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