How do you deal with hangovers?

Answer #1

Nothing really. As far as I know, resting is the only way you can feel any better

Answer #2

alritee man!

Answer #3

Aw - do you have a hangover Chillz? Poor baby! My advice would be, put a cool cloth over your eyes, sleep all day, drink water and carry a garbage can with you where ever you go! Feel bettter soon! – Dr. Kat

Answer #4

Drink plenty of water since hangovers make you dehydrated causing half of your discomfort. Also, in my opinion a greasy meal always helps…mcdonalds, burger king, waffle house, etc.

Answer #5

How does a geasy meal help you? Don’t you just puke as soon as you smell it?

Answer #6

LOL , happy new year. ;D

Answer #7

I have no logic behind it, i just know that a greasy meal has always helped me and is actually a quite commen thing that alot of people do when they have a hangover.

Answer #8

lmao^^ u know it!

Answer #9

No, because theres grease on the food, it doesn’t dehydrate you, any kind of food with some kind of water in it should have been good. Don’t eat anything try , like toast or crackers. Soup is a very good choice.

Answer #10

I’d have the same problem, but I don’t get hangovers.

Answer #11

Nasty, I hate puking soup….yucky…

Answer #12

Then google it, and stop complaining.

Answer #13

Just rest and drink a lot of water nothing more about it.

Answer #14

take two ibyprofen.

Answer #15

Hey! Don’t be so mean, I didn’t even ask the question, I just shared whatw as on my mind.

Answer #16

resting and eating a cooked meal

Answer #17

thanks for all the advice guys :D appreciate it!

Answer #18

V8 - the vegetable cocktail…gets fluids back into your body and vitamins.

Answer #19

Lots of water, gatorade or the like to replenish electrolytes, advil (tylenol tends to hit the liver a little harder, and given that your liver is still trying to deal with alcohol it is slightly better for you, also avoid aspirin since it irritates an already irritated stomach), your blood sugar is low so try to get some carbs in you, stay away from coffee as it is a diuretic.

Answer #20

I never thought of that!!

Answer #21

Firstly - Do NOT take paracetamol. Alcohol causes paracetamol to breakdown in a way which is extremely toxic to your liver. You need to rehydrate, and the fastest way to do this is with a hypotonic sports drink. And eat something. You may not feel like it, but it seriously helps. And like Mandyloo says, fatty food seems to work pretty well for some reason!

Answer #22

whats that?

Answer #23

whats that?

Answer #24

well we’re offering solutions and you turn down every one we have.

Answer #25

I am not turning down all of your solutions, I asked about the first one, and shared that I didn’t like puking soup. NEVER did I say anything about “Oh No that won’t work”. :(

Answer #26

i no one way not to get hang overs keep drinkin that way u dont get them lol na only jokin just drinks lots of water lay down sleep n keep cool n chill out

Answer #27

Having a lemon tea will help a little bit. But sleep will also help to reduce it.

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Answer #28


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