How do I get rid of this hangover?

Oh dear god. they hurrrt :[ My and my guy and some of our friends went out drinking and they drink a lot more than I do, but I had quite a lot this time…

How do I get rid of this horrible thing?

Answer #1

Bread absorbs alcohol, while it’s in the stomach… We can safely assume there is no alcohol left in your stomach if it’s the next day. Drink fluids, juice, gatorade, stuff like that, eat something even if you dont feel like it, take two tylenol, sleep it off. Sorry, no quick cure to the hangover…

Answer #2

ya I usually pound water right when I wake up, it works a lot better if you do it before you go to bed though

Answer #3

no yeah right bread absorb’s alochhal and your going to be really thirsty cause it de highdrates you stick with water and yeah

Answer #4

you just got to suck it up and deal with it if you cant take the pain don’t play the game

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