how to deal with annoying classmates?

Answer #1

Probably the best thing to do is ignore them.

Answer #2

just tell em to grow up, it all depends…what grade are u in?

Answer #3

just ignore them dont fight back or say anything because if you do they will just carry on

Answer #4

The best thing would be to just do your best to focus on your goal in that class. If they continue to be annoying after you have asked them t stop- ask the the teacher to move them or you. Don’t let them keep you from doing your best (:

Answer #5

There is nothing to do about it, there is always going to be that pearson that is annoying, and you wont get along with. Best thing to do is to just stay away, ignore, and avoid the drama.

Answer #6

If they’re annoying you specifically just ignore them or tell them to annoy themselves. If they’re minding their own business just ignore them. Some people have thought a few of my friends were annoying and they weren’t very nice about telling them (my friends) to be quiet.

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