How to deal with dyslexia?

I am dyslexic and I want to know techniques or something that I can use. I dont have an iep or any of that crap I can deal with it on my own I just need to know what to do

Answer #1

You’ve already asked this question.. but heres some more advice.

Keep on practising reading, you said in your past question that you enjoy it. Practise everyday =]

This website might help depending how bad your dyslexia is. Check it out, it’s got some interesting techniques on how to teach to children with dyslexia but again, it may help with teaching yourself.

Good luck


Answer #2

Get together with other lysdexics…

Answer #3

try going to your local library , and they’ll probably have books on it , or try going on google and type in “ dyslexia help “

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