How to deal with a bad teacher?

I dont like the way my teacher teaches his lessons. he treats us like we are lil 5 yr olds. he says words sllooowwwlllyyy and doesnt talk right. plus he thnk he gangstaa. HELPPP

Answer #1

lolz… I have a teacher just like that. He’s my Physics teacher. what I did to stop him from teaching us like babies is that I just told him straight up that he was being annoying and couldn’t teach his students that way. I did get in trouble but he got the point.

Don’t do this if u want to get in trouble… :)

Answer #2

tell him. He is the one doing it. He should be able to stop himself. Prove to him you are smarter than 5 year olds. Act mature.. If he is a reeeallly crappy teacher, then he won’t listen. Go to the head of the school and complain if that is the cae. they have power, as mikekirsner said.

Answer #3

teachers believe they can attract the students’ attention via acting “gangsta” and talking like them. as for dealing with a bad teacher, just gottta live with it, if you believe he is actually holding something against you, talk to some form of a counselor, go to the head of the school, they have power over him.

Answer #4

Well obviously he treats your class like that because you might be loud in class etc. It’s a real pain to have a crappy teacher but if he keeps treating you like that either out smart him in some way or act like a baby and it will annoy him so he’ll stop. Its happened to me so hang in the lol Good luck

Answer #5

I would advise the guidance counselor or principal’s office of you and your classmates concerns - hopefully it will be looked into and resolved…I wish you the best !!

Answer #6

hey i totally know what ur going through! i had a really crappy teacher who totally hated me, so i just did really well in her class and it pissed her off cuz she wanted me 2 fail! just be really smart and get stuff right and then he’ll realize that hes just being stupid! lol good luck!

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