Is it good or bad to have a day of drinking just water?

I’ve heard it cleans your system out or something, is this true?

Answer #1

Water does help cleanse the kidneys and is essential for the entire body. Rather than just picking one day to drink lots of water, it’s better to drink a few glasses everyday.

Answer #2

Yes, water really help to clean kidney but it not a good idea to drink water for whole day.Try to drink more that 12 glasses of water in one day.

Answer #3

It is called a fast. People argue about the benefits of fasting though it is highly valued in some areas of alternative medicine. If you are young and healthy going a day without food probably won’t hurt you but I wouldn’t expect major health benefits either.

Answer #4

Thats so weird you asked this, yesturday me and my mom were talking about the same thing. I wanted the same effect as you would get when you drink that stuff before you get a G.I procdure. & she said drink water for a day or two and that will have the same effect. She said only one, two at the most and that will clean you out.

Answer #5

its nrml

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