Who know if i can use Dawn dish soap in mopping water?

Cause I’m about to mop my floor, but we don’t got nothing else really except for the dish soap, anyone know if it safe to put it in there with hot water?

Answer #1

Yes, it should be fine. But don’t use a lot because then you will have to keep moping with just water to make sure is all gone.

Answer #2

ok thank forgot to put this in question but do i have to wring out the map after every dip in the bucket? Cause i don’t want to, cause this mop is kinda dirty at the bottem and only god know what been on it so i don’t wanna get my hands on the yarn part or anyway to wring it without touching it with your hand

Answer #3

or you can just put vinager in water and mix it around then your good but to answer your question yes but not too much because then your floor will be very soapy

Answer #4

just push the mop to the side if the bucket really hard or wear gloves and eww hunn that sounds really disgusting!!

Answer #5

It will cause soapy streaks. It’s ment to be washed away. You may emd up having to clean your floor ton of times to get the soap up. I say use hot water until you can get floor cleaner.

Answer #6

I think you’d be better off mopping with just water, to be honest. Dish soap is very slippery and will take forever to get off the floor. Unless you use a teeny tiny bit. If any soap gets left on the floor, it’s going to attract more dirt.

Answer #7

use a little and mix it with your floor cleaner like pinesol or something

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