Why is my dishwasher leaving the dishes really wet even after using the drying option?

It was working fine before but now all the dishes are wet and we have to dry them with a towel before putting them away. It is only four years old.

Answer #1

Sounds like it’s time to put the Maytag technician to work :) maybe the heating coil or fan has broken.

Answer #2

Okay thank you. But it is a Whirlpool. He, he. :D I will look into the manual to see what it say.

Answer #3

Or you could turn it off right after the rinse cycle (while they’re still hot) and open the door to air dry. In the time that you would have been paying to dry them electrically, they will get nearly as dry for free. Good for your budget; good for the earth, the atmosphere, the climate; good for all those folks in low-lying coastal plains; another small blow against the fossil (or nuclear) fuel industry.

Answer #4

You may have an air dry switch on it. You may have accidentally turned it on.

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