what would you do if your daughter got pregnant at 16?

would you help her and her boyfriend out (with money and watching the baby) or make them do [mostly] everything themselves?

Answer #1

I will always be there for my daughter, and I would help her to a limit, but she needs to take responsibility for her actions and she would be the one to raise her child.

Answer #2

slap the b!tch. just kidding. Well i would do everything i could to prevent her from getting pregnant. If it happend, then its her decision. Ab0rtion or adoption or keeping it. I definitely wouldn’t raise it for them but im not going to let them starve lol

Answer #3

Be with her at any circumstances, its not just her own doing. At 16 she might need to be taught how to be responsible. At an initial stage yes help them loads with every thing they need. But then they become capable of earning a living and mature enough to look ater the baby let them do it.

Answer #4

I would try to be supportive and caring and help her look at all her options. I would help her through whatever she decided to do. We would ofcourse have a big discussion on responsiblity.

I would help her and her boyfriend out to a degree. They do have to learn to be responsible.

Answer #5

I would stand by my daughter and help her when she needed it. However, she would also need to know that i’m not always going to be there for her.

Answer #6

Although they would get upset and disappointed, i’d be there for my daughter no matter what. After all, a love for your child is much different than for anybody else. i’d try to help her understand her decision and make sure that’s what she really wants to do and support her in every way possible.

Answer #7

Firstly I would blame myself: Where did I go wrong? Then i would ask her, why and how did it happen. I would have long-long talk with the girl and the “father” of the unborn child. What are they planning to do now? There MIGHT be best option to abort. NOT THAT I PREFER IT! I just don’t want to take childhood from my child and I do think that school and education is the most important thing in childs life. When my girl is ready and wants to have a baby, then ofcourse, me and my mother, who is supersweet and helpful, would support her as much as we can.

Answer #8

It would depend on a lot more variables than you have given us. A lot would depend on what my daughter wanted, what the biological father wants and is capable of,

I’d recommend that my 16 year old daughter abort if it was early in the pregnancy or to give it up for adoption if she didn’t want to end the pregnancy or if it was too late. If against my recommendations she still wanted to keep her child than I would help but she would largely be the one who has to live with the consequences of her actions.

Answer #9

I am not a mother but if i did have a daughter and she got pregnet at 16 i would sopport her. Yes she did do something wrong but then again I would know that I also did something wrong too because she decided to do this at a very young age. I would know that I possibly did not give her much info about all this and meaby I was not there 100% of the time. That way we would both learn a lesson and not too much pain would be suffered.

Answer #10

im a mum and i would support her in whatever she wanted to do,although i would not raise the child for her,i would help out

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