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Could you date someone who slept with someone you hate...?

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Help me out here, I've been seeing this girl for quite a while now. I never wanted to take on a girlfriend because I just didn't feel I was ready for one and couldn't find one I would actually want to settle down with (so to speak)... so I've been seeing a whole bunch of girls going back and forth and just having a good time (before you paint me as a p*ick I always let every girl I see know that I'm not looking for a relationship and the choice is theirs whether they want to continue seeing each other and fooling around under that pretext) Now here's the kicker I actually fell in love with one of them and I've only been seeing her for the last 3 months told the others i was seeing someone and that was that. I was just about to ask her out when we were discussing our sexual history... BAD IDEA... the girl is practically a virgin she's only been with 2 other guys before me 1 was her ex boyfriend and the other was a douche-bag I know, can't stand, and still see from time to time... she had a one night stand with this UGLY little loser and she said it was the worst 8 minutes of her life and that he made high pitched moaning noises and wishes it never happened... But my heart just kinda broke right on the spot... I didn't make it weird and make her feel like she did something wrong I just laughed it off, Because in all honesty we were only seeing each other as friends when that happened and she did nothing wrong but... I can't get it out of head! when I think of it I feel sick... knowing this ugly little bastard has been inside of her before me is far to much for this man to handle... I'm a naturally competitive and proud person, and love showing a girl off to friends and displaying to the world that she's mine! try and take her from me!!... knowing that he's already had her as a "one night stand, another notch in my bedpost" kinda thing is killing me... and i know I'm going to see this guy (he's close friends with one of my close friends) and if me and her are "together" I'm going to start a fight with him no doubt... this isn't healthy! The weird thing is I usually don't care about a girls sexual history cause I'm not insecure that way... And I can't throw stones because I've been with faaaaarrr more sexual flings than she has... If she told me she had a one night stand with someone i didn't know I swear to god she'd be my girl already... But I Can't get over it... knowing this bastard beat me to it is killing me... So I guess my question is if you were in my situation would you be reacting the same way? or am I allowing foolish pride to get in the way?? If it bothers me now won't it always bother me? and has anyone been In a situation similar to mine? Help lol.... I'm beginning to question my sanity over this...