Are there any dangerous arteries on or around the left elbow of a person?

if so what would happen if someone got cut pretty deep and it hasn’t stopped bleeding alot all night? Thanks

Answer #1

Brachial artery is the elbow artery…I’m not so sure it’s as dangerous as you think….Look it up if you’re so interested.

Answer #2

Thank you, I’m asking because my granfather has been bleeding alot during the night from his elbow after faling…but he wont go to the hospital so were trying to see if how bad it is…and see what needs to be done, or what we can do.

Answer #3

Does he take any blood thinners, like advil? Has he been bruising? if yes, I suggest you haul his butt to the emergency room.

Answer #4

The brachial artery in your arm is pretty deep and well protected by the bicipital aponeurosis so it not very vulnerable to injury. Its more likely to damage one of the more superficial veins (like on of ones used for venipuncture). However, whether it is coming from an artery or a vein prolonged bleeding isnt a good thing so you may want to see a doctor.

Answer #5

all his prescriptions are blood thinners, plus he drinks a bottle of wine a day…and for a while now he’s had what looks like blood blotches under his skin on his arms….and were working on getting him to the hospital, he’s stubborn but were trying

Answer #6

Here’s the bottom line, if he’d been bleeding from an artery for any period of time, he’d be dead… So I dont really know what you mean by ‘dangerous’ artery. If he wont stop bleeding, call the paramedics.

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