Can you give me cute clothing and hairstyle ideas?

Hey, peeps, I need some clothing ideas. I'm sorta out of style. Holes in the jeans and all...that's what everyone likes. And the shirts. Dressy or Skat8r girl? Dressy and Skat8r girl? What do I do??? I wear T-shirts pretty much. I need advice for this.
Cute hairstyles too. I have meadium length brown hair. It's naturally curly, but now it's striaght. And layered. and thin. I usally wear it down. I need more styles!!! Any help would be appricated greatly. Thankz! :)

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instead of people always fussin about the way they look and jugding there selfs and compearing to other people I think people shud make there own styles but don't go running around in somthing you don't like or you don't feel comfort inxx

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Excuse me .. theres NOTHING wrong with holes in jeans haha

What type of clothing style do you like to wear - emo, punk, goth, etc?

As for the hair, get some extentions, theres not a lot you can do with short hair apart from tying it back. lol.

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~=hair tips -=style tips
for summer try:
-mixing and matching skirts, skorts, and layering tanktops with 2 skinny belts or 1 fat belt a bit loose around your waist
- adding either a belt, earings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, ect... but dont add more than 2 or 3
~ try half ponies(double or single), messy buns, the classic ponytail, or a traditional ballet bun
~ add cute bows, bright headbands, and you can even thread ribbons into french braids or braids

for fall/school time try:
-jean shorts, skorts, skinny jeans
-if you are wearing skinny jeans, try putting a loose fitting top on that is fitted on the bottom and pops with the color of the jeans
~try pigtails with thick headbands
~try side ponies with 2 thin, brightly colored headbands
~try messy buns for quick mornings, add a bit of color with headbands and ribbons

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well for style, go with your mood, if you feel happy were your girly stuff, maybe some skirts or short shorts, with a t shrit with bright colors on it. with it a messy bun if you like add assersories like chop sticks. 4 s8er maybe your jeans and vans hoodie, hair down? I don't know thats what id do. ^.^

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wear a loose top with really skinny blue jeans and a thick or thin belt.
for hair try a high ponytail or a ballet bun, but ballet buns can sometimes turn into messy buns.

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try a pair of basic jeans and flip flops. then get a bright colored tank top with lace trim at the bottom and a basic crew neck fitted tee. one of the easiest styles and once of the cutest :) for your hair you could go side pony and curl it just a little or a basic pony with some bangs out and a head band. hope this helps ya! :)

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A long skirt that goes to your ankles. A turtle neck, some crocks and tights and your good to go! Oh don't forget to put your hair in a pony tail to the side!

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Summer? Spring? Winter? Autumn?
well for spring this year its bright and bold colours. I would get a nice patterned dress. Or you could get a skirt of your choice, and then find a top that would go well with it, tuck your top into your skirt and get a strechy belt to make it look like a dress it gives a sweet look. For hair I have the same layered and thin :P I just striaghten it and curl parts of it and then put in a big Bow clip with your choice of colour. hope this helps :D x

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