how can i cut my doggies nails without hurting him or without buying that little thing that spins and files them?

Answer #1

be very careful coz if u cut too far, ull kill it from loss of blood.

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Answer #3

if you go to the pet store, there are specific dog nail clippers. really easy to use and they come in different sizes depending on the size of your dog, and its nails. they also have like a latch on it where you don’t cut their nails too short, or to even get to a point where it would hurt your dog. you could also just take your dog into the groomers and they can cut his nails for you.

Hope this helps:)

Answer #4

no. it would just hurt your dog, really bad…

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Answer #6

no, there is a vain that if cut can cause blood loss.

Answer #7

no way! thats…scary.

Answer #8

of course!

Answer #9

0.o..dogs have veins their?

Answer #10

honestly, research it:D

Answer #11

hmmm sure y not

Answer #12

I get mine done at the vet, its relatively cheap and they do it right. Yes there is a kwik i think its called, a vein in the nail that runs to a certain length, the longer you let your dogs claws get the longer it gets and can be dangerous to cut after a certain length. My brothers dog has really long nails because he let them go for so long that the vet wouldnt cut them at all so its something you need to do to keep their feet healthy.

Answer #13

There’s this infomercial I saw about this claw trimmer, (I forgot what its called) but it seems painless. I think its called pet trimmer idk =/

Answer #14

Good advice. Better to get a special clipper as it is really painful to them if you happen to cut too short.

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