Is it true that certain religions dont like other races??

Is it true that certain religions dont like other races??

Answer #1

The Nation of Islam is a group of people… not a religion… kinda like the kkk… which maybe full of protestant christians but is still not a religious group…

Answer #2

no… its people who dont like other races…

“islam is even biased towards some other races and beliefs.” hmmm given there are black, white, brown, etc muslims that was definitely a new one to me… care to cite what you’re talking about?

Answer #3

God is not against anyone, he hates sin, but, loves the sinner, no matter what country, or walk of life that person may happen to come from. He is no respector of persons, he loves no one more than another. The ground is level at Calvary. All are welcome, none are turned away. He especially seeks those who others reject, for this is his way. Religion is man made, relationship is what Jesus is looking for.

Answer #4

if they are HONEST I would have to say YES there are religions that don’t like other races- or at the very minimum barely tolerate other races.

japans religion back in the day felt they were superior to all other races, christianity has even had its ‘superiority complex’ for a while- until they realized they were losing to many potential converts and decided to open the doors to everyone. islam is even biased towards some other races and beliefs.

Answer #5

ty, She did not say islam she said religions. When the Mormon religion started out they were very racist and didnt believe blacks should be in their church because they believed that blacks were dirty. Islam welcomes all races as long as they conform to their law (women are not equal in islam). The only religion that I know of today that is racist is the KKK. Yes they claim they are christian, may not be your type of christianity but they are.

Answer #6

The only one that I know of that does for a fact is The Nation of Islam.

Others may exist, but I don’t know of them. What I think happened in the past was that a lot of racists tried to use the bible as saying that certain people were inferior…oh…ok..let me just say it…Black people…because darkness is of the devil and to be white is meant to be pure.. But when it’s said in the bible…it doesn’t mean skin color! They just wanted to turn it into their own thing, so what they wanted to do and were doing would seem totally justified in their mind.

Answer #7

no, I do not think zat zer is a religion that hates other races. im a christian and I have tried to know wht it is all about and z answer zat I found is, it is a religion of Avery one and ALMIGHTY JESUS said you all are my children.

Answer #8

Yeah, its just ignorance

Answer #9

tseirpeht I was talking to baldwinwolf…

Answer #10

Yeah it’s true. I don’t know which but yeah. Sadly.

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