Why can't i look into my crush's eyes?

okay so i can look into anybody's eyes but my crushes and idk why. Cause when i talk to him he looks deep into y eyes and they look really dreamy haha and he stands close to me. But when i talk to him i look away for some reason.

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U could be nervous. Or I've also heard when someone looks at u then quickly looks away it means they're crazy about u so maybe your just crazy about him haha

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:-) sound so @##$$%%
but sharing with you some people have such very strong look it., that can easily make the surrounding people go going crazy.,,, all boy and even girl have such looks and if you practis than you too can have such catching eye look and make his look towards you the same way he is making your eyes confusion...
also eyes is the 1st things which reveals that our heart feels for someone and so with it creats nervousness and shy feeling.... otherwise nothing much but just in geast that love has struck bout of you...

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You could feel insecure, nervous. Are you timid, (shy type) ??

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not really

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haha its cool

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haha its cool

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I am no expert, but there may be a few simple reasons. One, is that when he's around you feel nervous and shylike because you're afraid to do or say something that he might think you're weird or something. Two, you feel awkward because maybe your personalities arent clicking. Just try llooking into his eyes more, itll make things less awkward. Good luck.

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NERVOUS! Or maybe scared of feeling something a little more than just a 'crush'

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frankly speaking you don't have many friends.
when you admire a person you have feelings like
spending time with him.
in this process before building a relation ship you will be having all these types of feeling in your heart.
but be bold and express your feelings in the right way with out any misunderstandings

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Ur just nervous(:

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You're nervous , or you are just afraid to have that awkward moment. Here's a trick, if you don't wanna look him straight in the eye then just look at his forehead. :) It'll seem like you're looking in to his eyes. (:

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haha its good now i dont like him anymore

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haha its good now i dont like him anymore

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