Crop Circles

I watched a video that was made by an ex major for the united states army. he said that earth is going to go through a series of earthquakes tsunamis and other catastrophic natural disasters. he said that aliens have mapped out the planet and put crop circles in certain locations to show us where to go when disasters strike. he says that crop circles are safety locations.

Answer #1

I don’t know it’s hard to believe something that hasn’t been proven so Im leaning tward that thats not real but it is really wierd that things like crop circles happen and nobody knows what happend. I don’t think that people could do that over night without anybody noticeing so I guess it might be true.

Answer #2

I’ve never heard that before, but (since this is an old question now) it is interesting that you said, two years ago, we’d be having loads of natural disasters.

There have been crop circles in New Zealand, for example and there was an earthquake there…so even if this is a coincidence, it isn’t completely accurate :)

Answer #3

he didn’t exactly say when… but he did say it would start happening after a certain space shuttle accident.

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