Save the rainforest?

what should we do to save the rainforest it is dying more andmore everyday it needs help!!!

Answer #1

recycle, get those energy saving lightbulbs, re-use plastic and glass bottles, take shorter showers, dont use paper towels, use anything that you can over again, make posters to encourage people to do all of this.

Answer #2

There is a very good organization called the Rainforest Foundation, with branches in many countries. Instead of adding a website address and risk this disappearing, I’d just suggest that you google or altavista or whatever for it, read what they say, and see if you’d like to support its work.

As for coffee - if, for some reason, everyone stopped drinking coffee, that wouldn’t necessarily help the rainforest. A lot of land is used for coffee growing that never was rainforest to begin with, and the farmers depend on it for an income. Also, coffee, because the growing trees provides shade, is often intercropped with other crops (bananas, beans, for example) that give food as well as income for poor farmers. A better idea is to buy fair-trade coffee, and to support organizations like the Rainforest Foundation.

Answer #3

Well it would really helped if we all stopped drinking coffee.

Answer #4

some of the thing you put down just the enveriment I just what about the rainforest but thanks =}

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