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Who knows if you can grow hemp without getting into trouble?

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Who knows if you can grow hemp (for industrialization purposes OTHER THAN SMOKING, SO MAKING IT NON SMOKABLE) without getting into trouble? (:

**FIRSTLY: I'd like to say that I put the question in environmental issues (it could have easily been put in general knowledge or politics) because I know how rapidly trees are disappearing everywhere, especially in sacred places of the earth, such as rainforests, for purposes such as WOOD AND PAPER SUPPLY or TO GROW CROPS FOR FACTORY ANIMALS THAT GET SLAUGHTERED BY THE BILLIONS PER HOUR FOR -SOME OF- OUR BELOVED FAST FOOD COMPANIES *FUCKING DISGUSTING.

Anywhoo, before this atrocious charade, SINCE THE EGYPTIAN TIMES!!! people did everything (and may I say - WELL!!! - ) with HEMP!!! Hemp is thick and strong and grows MUCH MUCH quicker than trees, being much more environmentally friendly as you need much less space to get a bigger supply of the hemp you need.

I'm not sure when exactly, but the big NEWS PAPER companies ruled hemp out saying it was a DANGEROUS drug, really meaning they would loose their jobs if hemp would still be in use (at the cost of the earth of course cause look where all the wood is going.. most of it in lungs and trashcans.. and that's just where the wood is GOING!!!)***


SO WHAT I'D LIKE TO KNOW, is there anyway to GROW HEMP LEGALLY ? .. would be my question (: