Girl Trouble...Need Help

Ok…I’m 13 and a boy. I really like this girl in my class {Sarah} and I think she likes me. I always stare at the back of her head cause im too shy to look at her in the eyes. I am 5’11” and 190lbs. I know that sounds fat, but im only a little chubby. I feel so nervous that I can’t even talk to her. And I’m not a pervert, but when my friends talk sexual and stuff, I just join in to join the crowd. And I think she thinks im vulgar and a pervert, but its not true. Should I stay away from my friends or make new ones? And I’m also funny, The only thing I can do is make her laugh

Answer #1

woah your 13 and 5’11 dude your tall

Answer #2

my advice is to find new friends and to just give it a shot ask her to go to a movie or maybe a picnic in the part im a girl and trust me I no all about that sh!t so yea ps. if you dont mind add me 2 your friends ill help you out every time you need me! :P

Answer #3

Me again, I just wanted to make a new account. I just wanted to thank you very much and To let you know that I’ll try to be more confident with Sarah. By the way, my name is Jake ^_^.

Answer #4

remember different is good, girls dig guys that are different and do there own thing. Joining in on conversations just to look cool dont sound to appealing to most girls. Make sum new friends or just do the loaner thang. Find a nice poem and give it to her as a secret admirer to start

Answer #5

well, I wouldn’t just drop your friends for one girl. Even if you really really like her. Do you ever talk to her?

Answer #6

Well, I try to talk to her, but I cant just find the courage in myself to talk to her. As you can tell, I am very shy. And I really don’t want my perverted “friends” anymore anyway.

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