What will happen next after my interview at Target?

Okay so I had an interview at Target on Monday July 6th for a cashier. I went for the interview. When I got their the women who I made the interview with didn’t even write it down. But they squeezed me in and I still had the interview. I met with one women and she asked me questions. Then I met with a second women and a sit in and she asked me pretty much the same questions. At the end she said thanks, I said thanks, and then she said they would be contacting me in a week. They had others who applied for the job. So it’s not going to be a week till this coming Monday. But do they let you know that you didn’t get the job if you didn’t? I have NO work experience since I would watch my little brother all summer. I know that their was at least 3 other being interview for the position. Will they call me to tell me if I got the job or not? Is it bad that I didn’t get offered a job on the spot? What happens next if I do get the job?

Answer #1

They will call you whether you got the job or not. It is not bad they didn’t offer you the job on the spot, they need to cover their bases. They will have you come in if you do get the job, fill out paperwork and what not. If you dont hear in a week, call them. Or and if you got contact info, always send an email or something thanking the person for the interview

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