A bump on the back of my piercing, is that OK?

I just got my ears pearced in january 30th on the top of my ear and now it hurts… and I have a bump on the back of my earing im scared… the earing is stil in their

Answer #1

the bump ont he back of your ear is normal. I have one too… it is fine.. my ear hurts and I got mine done professionally and it is not infected.

Answer #2

well im not really sure what to say but first for me I have had one for about 2 or 3 years im only twelve years old but for me I dont know what it is im not sure if I have a diease or scar tissue because I got my done at clares with a gun and now all of a sudden it starts geting bigger beacause also when I get scars it gets wirdly bumpy even just a scatch it will turn into a scar im supposed to have it checked by a docter soon it might be really important so my advice to you is have it checked by a docter as soon aas you can and remeber it might be something or it might be nothig.

Answer #3

That happened to me so I left it and a few weeks later it was still there my doctor said they did it wrong and it was infected so take it out!!! sorry that it hurts I know how you feel

Answer #4

nope, its not scar tissue scar tissue happens when you get something re-peirced or taken out, it will be harder to peirce next time because of the scar tissue it sounds normal though it could be a keloid as ^ says, also an infection but it will probably heal itself its also likely to have happened if you got it peirced with a gun peircing guns are the most rediculouse things and should be banned there full of germs, are wiped down to be cleaned have probably peirced 10 other peoples ears in one day alone not to mention the people with them have no training! so if it was…remember next time if they pull out the gun walk straight out of there!!

Answer #5

The lump you got is scar tissue. I am Assuming that you had the cartilage pierced with a “Piercing gun” which is not the proper way to pierce cartilage. All piercings of this sort must be done with a gauged needle to remove the piece of tissue which the earring will then fill the space. My advice is to remove the piercing and go to a tattoo shop and have a professional piercer do it for you.

Answer #6

DONT TAKE IT OUT IT WILL BE FINE. the pain goes away and you take out the earring when its time and stick a pin in the bump squeeze it put the earring back in and it will be fine I got mine done the same thing happened

Answer #7

I got both of mine done with a gun at walmart.I got the bumps on the back of min but I ignored it. they finally healed I went back to walmart bought some of their gauges and gauged mine to a 16. the bumps reappeared and I ignored them again and they soon went away.. about 2 years later I went and got my tragus pierced (if you want to know what that is look it up) I went back for my check up o that and decided why not gauge my cartilage to a 14. so I got the piercer who did my tragus to gauge it. the bumps are back right now and I am just ignoring them. THEY WILL EVENTUALLY GO AWAY! DO NOT TAKE THE EAR RING OUT!! IT WILL BE FINE!

Answer #8

ok I have the bump too, and I got my done at claires, but I have had it peirced for bout 5 months and I dont think it should be infected like this, and whenever I try to put the earrig back in it hurts really bad and it bleeds, can anyone help me?

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