How can i cover a pimple really well with limited makeup products?

I hav multiple shades of foundation, blush, bronzer.

Answer #1

It’s a pimple, if you leave it alone and dont cake a bunch of make-up on it it’ll go away faster.

Answer #2

You could easily just ease the swelling a bit, using ice. Or you just just use some foundation, dab it on lightly til most the redness is covered, and then poweder it to make it look more natural. But as Satan said, it takes longer to go away with makeup covering it.

Answer #3

Shoe polish

Answer #4

BB cream. its a really popular kind of foundation that is mostly used in asia. BB stands for “blemish balm”. the kind i use doesnt look like your wearing make up at all. i use liole triple the solution bb cream. [link removed]

Answer #5

if it’s really red you can put visine or or clear eyes. or something to take out redness on it, and the redness will fade.

Answer #6

If you have any type of foundation or consealer… that will work!

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