Product to get rid of pimples?

my boyfriend has pimples. he says they are really bad can anyone help me with a product that will get rid of them.. thankyou x

Answer #1

use daniel kern’s Benzoyl peroxide gel, you can get a lot for a good price on This is how my acne cleared up, and it even worked for people I know because its gentle.

Answer #2

I use Clearasil. workd for me. but I’ve known people who have used Proactiv that say it works also. Or just washing his face morning and night and putting ance cream and mosturizer on it.

hope this helpss;; (:

Answer #3

I need one too… I have a believe that it has no cure..but try washing your face with Ten-o-six

Answer #4

thankyou everyone you really helped me.. x x x

Answer #5

Proactiv never really worked for me.

But I’ve never had really oily skin, just dry skin. So it effected my face different, and I got rashes.

But it might work for him, and if not.. go to walgreens and neutrogena works miracles(:

Good Luck.

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