What happens if you go to court to fight a ticket and you lose?

Answer #1

Most likely, they will make you pay your ticket. And you might have to pay any other expense in the process (lawyer, etc. though I doubt you would use a lawyer). I don’t know if you would have to pay anything else extra.

Answer #2

Yeah you’ll have to pay the ticket as well as the legal fees involved.

Answer #3

You’ll pay what the court mandates and/or have the appropriate ‘points’ taken off your license……

Answer #4

Pay the ticket and the legal fees. It’s a risk for sure.

Answer #5

You’ll pay for the ticket and other legal fees. You also wasted your time. But why would you go after losing when you can have a good lawyer to fight for that case? just knew when you can fight or not? http://funadvice.com/r/1630q50018h

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