If you could travel to 3 different countries

If you could travel to 3 different countries without having to pay for anything at all, which three countries would you go to?

Answer #1

Egypt, Nepal, and New Zealand

Answer #2

usa , europe an hmmm… sth africa

Answer #3

Italy, Canada& Israel

Answer #4

Italy, Australia, uhm somewhere around the Caribbean

Answer #5

Mexico Usa and Portugal

Answer #6

Egypt Paris Germany

Answer #7

Germany, Canada, and Poland

Answer #8

UK Australia or Israel (they are so close to each other I would pay for the flight to the other one) Germany

Answer #9

Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Answer #10

Egypt (LOVE IT!!) Italy (its beautiful!!) and Austrailia (not a country but its beautiful!!)

Answer #11

I’d definitely go to poland, germany and the uk

Answer #12

Asia Italy And I think rome is a country I don’t know?

Answer #13

italy australia paris

Answer #14

germany not a country, but austraila cuba

Answer #15

germany, italy, ireland

Answer #16

usa and poland and uk

Answer #17

Japan, France, Japan again lol

Answer #18

same as stephanief987

Answer #19

brazil the netherlands spain

Answer #20

Ireland and England , then lose my ticket to go back to the US on purpose while in England!!!

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