What country to travel to for the best mountain scenary?

What country to travel to for the best mountain scenary? If I wanted some great views of the mountains, where would I travel to?

Answer #1

Go to canada we have great rocky mountains they are beautiful. try Banff its a great tourist place and amazing mountains. there are also hot springs there! if you dont like bug tourist places try canmore about 20 mins out of banff!

Answer #2

Pick countries with mountains! The most popular are the rocky mountains (North to South America), the alpes (Europe) and the himalayas (Asia). It depends on your budget and time. There are million of mountains ranges to explore in the world (look at a world map). They are all different and breath taking!

Answer #3

Guilin of the People’s Republic of China. Guilin (http://funadvice.com/r/166pjqi7h3t) is famous all over the world for its natural beautiful mountains and rivers, boasting the best in the world. Altitude ranges from about 100 meters in the lower reaches of the Li River to 2,141 meters at Kitten Mountain, the tallest peak in South China and source of the beautiful Li River. The Li River flows through Guilin from north to south. The center of Guilin city lies on the western bank of the Li River.

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