When will there be a female president?

It’s about time we make bigger and newer changes! Obama was a HUGE change, but now let’s bring some female role into this scene!

Answer #1

It all depends when a another female runs for either party and gets enough electoral votes ( you need at least 270 to become president ).

Answer #2

You know I don’t care what race or gender our president has, hell they could have green skin for all I care. What gets on my nerves is when they get elected BECAUSE of the color on their skin and not their ability.

Answer #3

I agree.

Answer #4

Who knows? I’m all for a female president- it’s about time!- but only the American people can decide that through voting.

Answer #5

Many countries have already elected female leaders, it’s just a matter of time until the United States does as well. In 2008 you had a female running for president and a vice presidential candidate, so it could very well be the near future.

Answer #6

There is still enough prejudice in this country that any woman running for president has more obstacles to overcome than a man would. Barack Obama would have been a long shot had it not been for the extreme dissatisfaction Americans had with the second Bush administration. In 2007 I was supporting Edwards for a large part because I didn’t think America could elect a black president yet. Had it not been for the economy tanking shortly before the election I don’t think Barack Obama would have won.

Who knows though. We could see two women running in 2016, Clinton and Palin.

Answer #7

Clinton v. Palin….my that would be an entertaining election. lol.

Answer #8

It shouldn’t be about change for its own sake… we really don’t need a token president… but I am afraid that Americans aren’t smart enough to figure that out.

Realistically… our presidents have been place holders for some time now… if an Inuit Commander in Chief should become all the rage… electing him/her simply because they fit that criteria…won’t affect much.

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