If I'm 5 months late could I be pregnant?

My last NORMAL period was May 14-18th ‘09, I skipped June and July, spotted so lightly in august for 3 days that if I hadn’t payed attention to the toilet paper when I wiped I wouldn’t ‘ave noticed, and ‘aven’t so much as spotted since and it’s almost November…but the home test come back negative!! I’m not stressed, my weight hasn’t changed (other than bloating as if I were on my period) I ‘ave been nauseated on and off since a few wks after my last normal period, there are a few other pregnancy symptoms, but nothing lasting more than a few days at a time then stopping for a few days and coming back…my doctor tries to pass it off as stress and won’t even consider giving me a bpt but this is not normal for me…I ‘ave only skipped one period then started again but it’s only happened two or three times in my 25 years…(just to clarify, my husband and I are trying to ‘ave a baby)…could I be pregnant? What should I do?

Answer #1

Go get another doctor, or better yet, see a gynaecologist. Ask your new doctor to do a blood test, if that comes back negative then go see your gynaecologist.

Answer #2

At 5 months pregnant, the pregnancy hormone will be pretty high- it HAS to be in order to sustain life. If you’re pregnant now, you’ll test positive for it. Go to the doctor and demand a blood test, if she wont give it to you, go elsewhere. Maybe even try to get an ultrasound to confirm (keep in mind- they’re damn expensive)

Answer #3

I ‘ave taken a home test every other week since I skipped my period, they all come back negative.

Answer #4

Have you tried an at home pregnancy test? At 5 months late, that would definitely tell you!

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