How can I cope with feeling disowned by my mom?

Answer #1

Why are you feeling this way? Talk to her and try to work things out. Talk to your dad about it or some friends, even your best friend’s mom :)

Answer #2

stop whining and remember it could always be worse. you could have no legs which would totally suck. you know it would. but the idea you feel disowned just makes this all about you and your brain having problem processing information. think of how much better you have it than millions and billions of people around the globe. and smile cause if your not happy with today with everything you have when so many dream and lust for things as simple as rain or single piece of food. a family who when out side playing in a field near there house stepped on land mines and lost limbs because the Russians forgot were they placed them all .

Answer #3

try and talk to her.. and if she doesnt respond then its on her. shes the one tht messed up. been in your place. maybe not for the same reason but i know it hurts. if you have people you trust and really care about talk to them. they’ll make it easier for you. it wont take the pain fully away but it helps ease the pain.

Answer #4

My mom dont want me…she kicked me out for just fighting with my step dad, I try to talk to her but our covosation doesn’t last long 30 minutes only. Dad an alcoholic tried that didn’t work he only told me to move on…who cares.

Answer #5

John c ur no help….n u have no clue about my life or anything its a long story sooo shhhhh!!!!

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