What rights to convicted felons lose?

what are some of the rights you loose by being a convicted felon

Answer #1

Actualy it depends what state it happended in. Virginia is the worst. If you are convicted in Virginia you can not vote, hold public office, have a gun, hold any professional license like being a electrician, plumber, ect. you can not do anything to make a income except maybe diggen a ditch am I am not joking. even a low level conviction like being cault with drugs. I was 20 years old was cault with drugs and at the time through a pre sentence report that noted I was a little slow ( very immuture for my age) this happened over 25 years ago and still have a hard time getting a job. also you can not get public housing or government benifits and if you do you have to lie or you are a minority. if you have to at some point claim social secuity disability it asks you if you were convicted so you probably wont get that either. but the state and government will take your money for these benifits. you are basicly not a united states citizen anymore. no doult there is many more things as a convicted felon I have not listed but I am going to leave it at this.

Answer #2

Well, actually you lose the right to vote in 48 states. maine and Vermont still give you the right to vote after being convicted of a felony. In fact they are the only two states that let you vote inside jail. Other states permit ex-felons to vote after probation, prison time, and parole are satisfied but often ex-felons must got to extraordinary means to have their voting right restored.

Answer #3

a convicted felon released in 1982 does he have rights to bear arms he has his voteing card is all his rights give back

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Answer #5

Actually, you only lose the right to vote while in prison. I believe.

Answer #6

(depending on the state)

-voting rights

-the ability to get a passport

-the ability to own/use arms

Answer #7

The right to vote, the right to bear arms, and depending on the type of felony there can be many more things that you can lost

Answer #8

Please come join me and help contribute your knowledge/experience, and build a network of resources for people like us, felons. The reason that I started this site was to create an online community of resources for felons, please come help. Just search ‘felons forum’ or directly felonsforum.com

Hope to see you there.

Answer #9

oncd you are a felon can you be around guns not just own them but be in the same household?

Answer #10

The sad part is convicted felons lose a lot of their rights the day they repeat after the judge. The one area you can control is what online information is visible about your arrest.

Many convicted felons are only concerned about their arrest record that is listed in the State Police Network, but an online article about your arrest can hurt your far more than the Police Report. Even though the Criminal Record Report will reveal the felony charge, the online article will go into details about why you were arrested in the first place.

Law Enforcement controls the media which means whatever Press Release they submitted during the time of your arrest was intended to make you look like a monster.

Out of all of the rights a convicted you lost on the day you pleaded guilty, you still have the right reinvent yourself, and archive your negative press where no one can find it. The good news is you still have Rights over what is published in search engines, and that’s where I come.

Image Max Personal Public Relations can remove all of the details of your arrest that are currently appearing online in Google, Yahoo, Bing, and ASK. We even go a step further and replace the negative online entries with positive information about the person you are today. My service is affordable and you can even place my firm on retainer.

Convicted Felons still have the right to protect their online reputation; your police report is a private matter between you and your employer. Stop to world from looking into your Past. http://www.ironcladrep.com If you are a convicted felon and would like to remove negative press information about your case, please call us or visit our website Image Max Personal Public Relations 1-985-624-3337

Answer #11

voting rights ability to travel abroad restriction of federal loans

Answer #12

Okay, people who keep saying you can’t get a passport or leave the country with felonies are complete morons. Here’s a novel idea: go to the US Passport site and see what the requirements are. YOU ARE NOT IN ANY WAY LIMITED FORM GETTING A PASSPORT OR LEAVING THE COUNTRY UNLESS YOU HAVE A CONSPIRACY/TREASON CONVICTION OR ARE CURRENTLY ON PROBATION OR PAROLE. Even then, for the latter two, you can still get the passport.

Answer #13

Being a convicted felon. You have a life sentence and, your rights comes along with it. You will never be free. The fence and, razor wire will engulf you forever. Ismail Malik Muhammad

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