Is it constitutional?

Is it Constitutional for a group of people (convicted felons for example) to blanketly be excluded from participation in government and if so, how would it be OK to blanketly exclude any other group that a state, city, county or municipality didn’t approve of?

Answer #1

Convicted felons loose rights in this society. They do not, nor should they have the right to vote.

I can’t think of anyone else who should be excluded from this privilege. .

Answer #2

Not exaclty true seao2florida. Different states have different laws. Many states allow felons to vote once they have paid their debt to society. I think that is fair.

Answer #3

you lose some of the privilages that comes with living in this country when you are convicted. but you are right. age is taken into consideraton, along with residency for some positions of government. however, if you are a convicted felon, even if you were able to run for office, it would be difficult to get a support group okay with your background. conservative or liberal. not saying its fair, but it is reality.

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