Answer #1

you mean control how much you eat? dont have so much around you, maybe have 1 block of family sized chiciolate you can take 4 squares from say each day, and treat yourself, dont over-do it, just have a little treat them put the rest away, dark chocolate is also better for you than white and dairy chocolate. if your going food shopping stay away from the junk food isle, or eat before you go so you wont be as tempeted to impulse buy on junk food

Answer #2

don’y buy it at all !

Answer #3

Easy, do what I did. Replace that junkfood with fruit and think about calories, they’re very important too. Everything in moderation. Exercise 3-5 days a week (so you don’t get tired) and if watching tv, do crunchs or something. Search on youtube good workouts you can do while watching the tv.

Answer #4

i cant help it to buy. thats the prob.

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