who do you contact to report a racist teacher?

Answer #1

You talk to the principal.

Answer #2

You could try, firstly, bringing the issue to a principal. If you’re making such an accusation, however, you will need examples of the behaviour and resources to back you up. Else, there isn’t much they can or will do.

Answer #3

Can you give us an example? Like if you say the teacher is mean towards a kid(or even a group of kids) he/she could just not like that kid(or group of kids) for example in my math class their is a group of kids(all black) that our teacher can’t stand…but he’s married to a black women and fine with most other black students…so if your accusing the teacher if being racist make sure he/she acts racist towards ALL students of that race.

Answer #4

u should talk to the guidance counselor .. maybe even your parents..

Answer #5

prinicple, counciler, dean, any one whos higher in authority then the teacher.

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