How do you consolidate debt?

Answer #1

Go to a bank or see a Financial Advisor. You’ll need to bring everything you owe, bills, debts, etc. What they will do is pay all the companies you owe money to. And then take what you owe them (the bank), and make it a single large debt that you will owe them. At which you will have a set time frame to pay them back. Usually from the size of the debt it’s often three years. Each month you make an agreed set payment (with interest) to the bank. All of your previous debts are paid off, and you only owe one person or establishment money. Mind you, you do have to keep up on all of your payments from there on in. And you can’t miss one payment from the Bank.

Answer #2

i asked my mam :P she sed theres some people that you can get intouch with and they put all of your debts into one thing so you pay them all together =) i dont know anythin about debt buh i like the name aaron so i wanted to write on here haha xo#?!

Answer #3

arwhh his answer was better haha xo#?!

Answer #4

This involves taking one loan to pay off many others. Usually a secured loan is taken against collateral. When this type of loan is opted for, the interest rates are lower and therefore easier for you to repay the amount. And by setting aside an affordable amount for repayment every month, you can gradually become debt-free. Read this Wikipedia article to better understand how debt consolidation works: [link removed]. Also consult debt consolidation companies such as [link removed] who can help you in this regard.

Answer #5

you should contact a qualified and dedicated debt consultant. they work with your creditor to reach mutually acceptable settlements that will save your money and time, and enable you to discharge your debt.

they helped my friend with her credit card debt and saved her from bankruptcy.

you should call Credit Card Relief toll free on 877-867-3090

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