does your conch piercing hurt?

does your conch piercing hurt? x

Answer #1

A conch piercing comes in 2 forms - inner and outer. The inner conch piercing is located in the center ear cartilage, adjacent to the ear canal. The outer conch piercing is located in the outer ear cartilage, in the flat part of the top, outer ear. They can be done in any position within the flat plane of cartilage. BUT… once the piercing goes to the “curled” edge of the ear it is no longer an outer conch piercing, but a helix piercing.

They’re just like any other piercing - the pain involved will depend on how much pain you can personally handle. A lot of the time, people tend to be a bit over dramatic and make it out to be worse than it really is. If you truly want it done, go for it. As long as it’s done professionally and you take care of it, it’ll turn out just fine and you won’y have any problems with it. Oh and ignore anyone who says you can’t get a job if you have piercings because you CAN.

Hopefully this helps you out, if you need anything else, let me know!

Answer #2

I was 13 when I had my conch pierced, and was a complete piercing virgin. it sounds really weird, but if anything, it’s like a pleasurable pain. it’s really not bad at all, the only bit that was at all painful for me, was a slight pressure when the piercer put the bar in. I hope this helps (:

Answer #3

anything getteing peirced through your flesh will hurt to some degree it really depends on your pain tolerance though, but yes, you will feel it

Answer #4

yes it hurts.

your conch is one of the thicket parts of your ear. Made up of cartilage, it is rather painful to pierce…

but if you have a lot of piercings, you might not think so. It all depends on your pain tolerance.

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