What computers are better mac or microsoft?

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Well what do you want to do and how much money do you have?

You can get a reasonably nice Mac for just about the same price as a reasonably nice Intel machine running Windows. You can buy a cheap Intel machine for a lot less - but they are worth what you pay for them.

I use both for work, I have a Mac for home. Neither one is more user friendly than the other. Neither one is more complicated than the other. And remember the adage: all operating systems suck, just in different ways.

Bias: I like Macs - actually the operating system OS X, better than Windows. It's a personal bias - the 'way' it works fits me better than Windows. I spend more time working through the Mac and getting stuff [1] done - with my Windows desktop I spend a lot of time wrestling _with_ the computer to get it to do things.

[1] stuff like web surfing, email, web design, fooling around with Ruby and LISP and MySQL and PERL, managing Unix and Windows servers etc.

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Depends on what you're used to, and what you're planning on doing with the computer. If it's strictly price, windows is cheaper. However, if you do design, programming or have some *nix experience, Mac is the way to go.

If you have zero experience with either, I think that Mac is the better one for absolute newbies.

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Because, if you buy a mac, the macs are made
by mac, so your machine will be made by the
same company..

How anyone uses that joke of a system WINDOWS

is beyond me totaly

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MAC MAC MAC it's a little hard to get used to, but so much faster, more updated, better quality, and I love 'em.

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Personally I think microsoft but they dont make computers they make software but you can still run mac and windows or vista on a computer but the Os them self (operation system) I think microsoft becuase its more user friendly and things are easier but if you do any kind of graphics or desgin then Mac is very good but look at the price of their computers. Also I would start with a windows computer and move up and just think you can build your own PC compared to MAc it seems liek you need experience.

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I find Macs are better when it comes to things like graphic design. The programmes for Macs in that area are enough for me to choose a mac over a PC.

If you're in for more gaming, I'd go for your standard PC, unless you're prepared to put a windows interface on your Mac (I consider it blasphemy, but anyways...).

But, if I had a PC, I'd be more inclined to run it under Linux/Ubuntu. I can't stand Windows.

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Macs all the way

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