Microsoft or mac?

what is better Microsoft or mac? why?

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Microsoft for the rule not that I dont like mac I do but I prefer Microsoft Mac is just copying the stile of Microsoft.

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Is it with respect to usability, security, availability of applications, stability, speed, price, or numerous other ways of comparing operating systems?

Fundamentally, it comes down to what you want to do with it. Each operating system has its own specific advantages and disadvantages.

Microsoft is the best operating system because I am using the Microsoft for a very long time.

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Microsoft is good when it comes to compatibility with most hardwares and softwares
the only problem is that it is also vulnerable to several viruses,worms etc...With Mac softwares are quite limited but overall system performance is better ,and there are much less vulnerabilities compared to microsoft...It's all up to what you need it for...

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I preferred to choose windows cause of its compatibility to the hardware device, you can install windows on any processor or PC not unlike mac. The only thing i love about mac is the graphical user interface.
Mac OS is the trademark-protected name for a series of graphical user interface-based operating systems developed by Apple Inc. While Microsoft Windows is a series of software operating systems and graphical user interfaces produced by Microsoft.

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