Does anyone actually believe that the coke found in Paris Hilton's purse was not hers?

She is claiming that the purse doesn’t belong to her, even though she was holding it when the vehicle she was in was pulled over. It was only her and her boyfriend in the car, so who’s purse was she holding? Maybe she should be charged for theft as well!

Answer #1

Ag please, she is an idiot and immature. When she was overhere in South Africa, she and a friend got caught with Marijuana and she got out of it by claiming that it wasn’t hers, she almost got our country to look really bad. I don’t believe her, she has used that type of excuse one to many time. The dealer is just as good as the stealer. If you are in possession of, then you should be guilty, whether it is yours or not.

Answer #2

I think a lot of people use that excuse. It’s stupid really, if you are in fact holding it for someone, then you should be charged for stupidity. People should know better than to “hold” those types of things for “friends”. They only want YOU to hold it so THEY don’t get caught with it, some friend huh. Most of the time, they only say that to try and look innocent, and get out of trouble. Policemen, and judges aren’t stupid though.

Answer #3

It’s a shame she has so much money and can do so many good things with it, and she chooses to buy crap with it.. Lol That would be funny if she got charged for stealing the purse :P

Answer #4

Not at all. Ever watch cops? The first thing every single person says when dr.ugs are found on them is “it isnt mine”. In the end it shouldt even matter, its your purse, even if its not yours your in possession of it and shouldnt have been so stupid to even be carrying it. Im sure shell get a slap on the wrist and a week of rehab at the most….pathetic.

Answer #5

A rich bitch with too much time and not enough brains… lol, jk. Nah, it’s hers, just like all the other sh!t she does. She probably has her own coke farm. xD

Answer #6

its hers all famous people do at least one drug just look at all the money they got..and seriously they all do a drug cause if you think about it liquor and beer is a drug and who doesnt drink

Answer #7

its coke and its paris hilton :)

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