Do you like Paris Hilton?

Lol. I want thoughts about Paris Hilton:) I personally think she’s maybe not as dumb as she looks, but then again, she is doing such stupid things at the same time, I think she WANTS to look dumb. Ha, she always had it really easy. I mean, she could always buy everything that she wanted. I used to hate her a lot, but ,don’t kill me, I actually think her show “Paris Hilton’s New BFF” is sooo stupid that’s its funny:) (sometimes). She’s probably just a dumb blonde. What do you think of her?

Answer #1

She’s either stoned or drunk when she’s on T.v… Simply not possible to be that dumb and have millions of dollars, her accountant could have ripped her off years ago.

Answer #2

She’s okay. Sometimes I think her stupidity is just an act. Her nose annoys me though. But I like her hair.

Answer #3

She show is funny, I just think she is a little slow. but she does have good style

Answer #4

HA! No! I hate her… and her show is only good cause of Onch!!! I lOVE hIM!!!1

Answer #5

no and yes can you answer my miss her question please

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