Paris Hilton's BFF..

omg..who do you think will win? after seeing tonites double elimination its between brittany and vanessa.. I don’t know I like brittany a lot better but I think vanessa might win..

convo about it anyone?

I mean yea its kinda sad that she has to pick a BFF like that (lol) but hey it is entertaining!


Answer #1

hmmm…I kinda think that brittney might win just because vanessa seems a little freaky some times haha but I don’t know because paris and vanessa seem like they have a lot in common…so it’s definately going to be a tough one for her haha

Answer #2

brittany is so fake! the hair with the comb jk!… but vanessa…? I just dont know about her… how about niether!!! I dont know lol that really wasnt answer SORRY!

Answer #3

yes she will have

Answer #4

Did Shelly Get Elliminated???I Havent seen it >,<

Answer #5

yes she did :(

you’ll see why when you see it.

Answer #6

vanessa looks like shes kinda ‘CraZy’ like seriously..just look at her..lmao!

Answer #7

I liked shelly!!

Answer #8


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