Will the US ever be able to form an international coalition again?

How hard do you think it will be for the U.S. to form a coalition in the future when they rightly can say, ‘we can’t count on them (U.S) - they’ll pull out on us’ - could you blame them for not supporting our effort ?

Answer #1

Our standing in the international community has dropped precipitously since 9/11. The reason for this is not because we aren’t “staying the course” in Iraq. All the claims used to justify the war have been proven false, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, Iraq was not supporting Al Qaeda (they were enemies actually though with Hussein gone they now operate there), they didn’t have large stockpiles of WMDs, and they posed little threat to us. The world knows they can not trust us because the US now only acts in the interest of multinational corporations, not the world or even its own citizens. Many other nations have media that actually report news rather than government planted or approved propaganda and they knew all of this before the war instead of after the fact like Americans did.

Do you know the places with the most violence in Iraq? They are the places where there are the most American soldiers. When the Americans leave the militias take over and restore order. When Americans return more bloodshed. Most Iraqis don’t want us there. The only ones who want us there are the oil companies who seek to make yet more profits off of Iraqi oil and the puppet government we installed. Most Iraqis are glad Saddam Hussein is gone but now want us to leave so they can rebuild their country.

America used to be a beacon of human rights but now we won’t honor the Geneva Convention, our own Constitition, or any reasonable standard of how suspects and prisioners should be treated.

Our “coalition of the willing” was really a coalition of nations we could bribe, badger, or threaten into joining. Most of these nations pulled out or downscaled already.

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