What does it mean if your clit isnt pink its darker colored?

My boyfriend and I had sex today and I got really dry and it was painful, so we stopped having sex because it was not enjoyable for either of us. But I just looked down there and my clitoris isn’t the pinkish color it usually is…it is more of a brownish grayish color? What does that mean?? Can it just be from the friction caused because it feels like a burning sensation sort of, but only when its touched. I dont feel any pain when its being left alone. But im still really nervous I don’t know what it is or if it will go away. =/

Answer #1

Maybe You Have A Infection Or Maybe You Kinda Messed Up Something While Having Sex Or Whatever Just Be Careful Hope My Advice Helped :)

Answer #2

I’d go to the doctor to get it cheaked out.

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