who would be a better choice for america obama or romeny and why?

Answer #1

Obama favors a dependency/government the ONLY answer state - Hates the Rich (they couldn’t have come about their wealth by working hard and honestly earning) - Romney favors individual achievement where wealth is considered ‘Being Successful’ and the Free Market, not govt leading the way….

Answer #2

President Obama and most of the people he deals with are both professionally and financially successful people. The problem we have is that our government is unsustainable. We can’t keep spending more on defense than the rest of the world combined, keep the social programs most people depend on and have the lowest effective tax rate on the wealthy and on corporations among industrialized countries. Republicans want to balance the budget by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration, Head Start, etc.and further cut taxes. Democrats want to balance the budget by sensible cuts plus increased taxes on the people who have benefited from 40 years of supply side trickle down economics at the expense of everyone else.

Answer #3

Pick your poison. I said several years ago that deciding between Obama and McCain was akin to debating which taxi cab company you would hail to drive you to the seedy back alley for your mugging. I feel the same this go ‘round.

The modern direction of the two party system… both parties act as two sides of the same statist coin. As statists… the aim is towards a neofeudal vassalage in which people are at the mercy of the priveleged elite who hold the statist court. To this end… both parties’ chief financiers are the very same power brokers.. eg Goldman Sachs, and the like. This is why both parties seek essentially the same thing. This is why no matter whom we choose this time… we lose.

Like Joshua told us in the movie, Wargames…The only way to win is to not play the game.

Answer #4

I love that taxi cab analogy… it’s easy to laugh about it but tragic that it’s quite true. American politics seems like a circus act to me, with the strings being held by those corporations who give the biggest “donations.”

Answer #5

And the American People would be the clowns?… or the dumb audience paying to watch the same show over and over again?

Answer #6

Dude you didnt answer the question u said the same thing u put on my last post either answer it or get lost

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