Is it possible that China could take over the world?

Answer #1

I think it’s quite possible.

Answer #2

Anything’s possible

Answer #3

They will!

Answer #4


Answer #5

Right now China population base on 2011 record 1,347,350,000 and it could be more. Therefore in numbers, size of their country, major suppliers of every products/services around the world they have more chances to influence people, easy access in every sector of government, businesses,educations that could be the factor to gain power, control and possibly take over the world. However we the people out side China we have to preserve, maintain, to be inform whats going on in our country ? If we do not want them to take over the world then, we must do something for own country elect the right public servants in the government, be united in protecting our country and support education, medical / health sector, enforce human rights law and also create business in our home land, etc., Also one more significant strategy in place is to bring back all the manufacturing, businesses back to United States so that they will generate income, people will get jobs, to support their own livelihood and the IRS must give more incentives to the companies for purpose of keeping their business were it’s originally where at. Yes. I do agree to expand, to reach out in China in terms of business, peace sake, help them but not to take over the world due to fact they are known as communist country, they are not updated in human rights law that alone I have issue with them. I rather be in North America for the sake of my freedom, protection, equality and for sake of prosperity in terms of my hard work , etc…

Answer #6

no. even though there big there would be to may country’s against them which would make it impossible.

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