Why does it seem as though children's services goes where their not needed instead of where they are needed?

Answer #1

Because in areas where it is not needed there is usually enough money to make sure it does not happen in that area

Answer #2

Unfortunatly i think its because people call them for the wrong reasons and either look the other way or dont feel its their business when they are really needed. Ive heard of tons of people calling in reports to get back at someone who made them mad, and ive heard just as many people talking about horrible conditions of children and what they think of the parents…yet they never pick up the phone and do anything about it. If i ever thought i had reason to call cps, i would. Someone has to stick up for the children who cant do so themselves.

Answer #3

I wished so bad that someone would have called cps on my dad, back then, he’d get drunk and beat us & our mom, but no neighbors ever did anything because everyone was scared of him.

Answer #4

Because you’re not able to see everything it does do. Trust me, although there are a lot of kids that slip through, there are a lot who get into the system who need to be there. I work with the parents, most of them need to be in the system.

Answer #5

I have to agree with you. It seems the kid who gets beaten by a drunk parent has nothing happen. But spank your kid once for disciplinary reasons and the cps is all over you.

Answer #6

I agree, it seems like there is a few good parents scared to take their kids out in public for fear of something going wrong and CP gets called, then they are trying to take away your kids. I had my youngest son go to school one time and before lunch had arrived he said he was very hungry. Well I guess the school shrink over heard this, then a little later we where getting accused of starving our child. It was a good thing that we knew the principle up there very well and she got this sorted out. I just thought this was crazy, if this women would have just looked at the lunch he brought to school, because he does not like the school lunch, she would have seen how much food he eats. I know are food bill a month is over $500 and that does not include if we go to a restaurant.

Answer #7

Awwwww I’m so sorry to hear that

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